Who hires Eric?

  • C-level Executives
  • HR and Strategy Leaders
  • Regional VPs
  • Assets Managers
  • Professional Associations
  • Conference Organizers

Why do they hire him?

Clients benefit from the broad and sophisticated knowledge of the macro-changes, countries and industries that Eric has been developing for over 25 years and his ability to project organizations into the future.

  • They want an experienced executive and communicator with global contents and insights to stimulate an audience.
  • They want to motivate their people in order to get them to think long term and to act with a global mindset.
  • They want to update their leaders, members or stakeholders on a specific macro-change or geo-economic issue.
  • They require a comprehensive, pragmatic, unbiased and structured vision of the future, fresh and rigorous data, and creative insights into the key drivers shaping tomorrow’s marketplace.


“Eric strength is his ability to help audiences make connections across business, political and economics data. While facilitating a “Future Trends” session for an executive development series, Eric was able to move our leaders out of their comfort zone. They left the session expressing a sense of urgency around leadership’s responsibility for addressing much more than the annual priorities, and committed to playing a key role in the on-going dialogue and actions needed to bring this to life in our organization. Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.”
Talent and Learning Executive | DHL

“Eric is a brilliant man whose ability to grasp, synthesize and explain a broad array of complex data is intriguing and impressive. On a number of occasions, Eric has demonstrated his ability to stimulate the thinking of groups of skeptical, time challenged and intelligent executives. The planning sessions which followed were definitely enhanced by his provocative presentations and facilitated discussions.”
MITCHELL SHACK | Leadership Development Consultant for Deloitte

“As SHRM’s Director of Global Member Programs I’ve had the chance to hear Eric speak twice on “The World in 2030”. His review of future scenarios is both wide-ranging and deep at the same time, insightful, full of data and thought provoking. His animated delivery, deep knowledge and passion for global economic, political, social and environmental affairs all combine for strong delivery.
If you ever have the chance to hear Eric, take it! You’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on what it means to be a responsible global citizen.”
HOWARD A WALLACK | Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

“Eric Noël invites you to leave the daily hyperactivity and market and political turbulence to reflect on the world in 2030 through megatrends, mirages and ages that will affect your organization. We enjoyed his foresight sessions and his help facilitating our macro exploration and strategy development. Rich contents, stimulating process and pragmatic input.”
VP Strategy and Risk Management | BDC – Business Development Bank of Canada

“Eric Noël provided a ½ day session to the Board of Directors and Executives of Export Development Canada (EDC). The session was entitled “The World in 2030” and was based on a longer-term view of the key trends affecting EDC leading to 2030. Mr. Noël provided excellent summary papers on each key trend as pre-reading which enhanced the discussion considerably. He also facilitated the session and added insight as necessary to generate a robust discussion.”

“The session was a very effective tool in expanding the Board’s planning horizon and facilitated a much broader discussion of trends that could impact the Corporation’s future direction. The result was a Board that had considerably more confidence that the five year plan being developed for this year took all relevant future factors into account.”
EDC – Export Development Canada

“Grace à Eric Noël et à sa générosité à partager ses expériences professionnelles et son exploration du Canada vers 2030, nous avons reçu des commentaires élogieux de la part des participants. Et cette année, nous avons battu un record de participation avec 312 personnes inscrites.”
Sam Reda | Président et organisateur
15e Conférence sur la gestion des caisses de retraite
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans