Speaking Themes: Four Macro-Changes

Eric Noël offers a telescopic view into four macro-changes that shape our lives and the future of our organizations and countries. He organizes serious data and novel ideas to highlight both reversible and irreversible trends, emerging risks and opportunities, and mirages about the future of:

Population Effects

  • demographics: ageing, youth and HR
  • urbanization
  • environment
  • natural resources: water, good, energy, commodities
  • cleantech

Geopolitics & Governance

  • militarization, potential conflicts and balance of power
  • security and non-traditional threats, including cyber risks
  • religion and democracy
  • governments and public policy making
  • politicization of everything
  • income inequality
  • social media and social cohesion


  • economic fundamentals, global competition and financial risks
  • FDI and trade flows, including logistics
  • emerged and emerging markets and transnationals
  • new middle class
  • deleveraging
  • capitalism 2.0
  • reglobalization

Science & Technology

  • impact and speed
  • politics of science
  • economics of science
  • R&D spending and scientific education
  • technology trends
  • technology risks